Director Biography – Alex Vivian (EMERGENCE)

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Alex Vivian is an Australian native, but spent his formative years growing up venturing the streets of Hong Kong, inspired by the visual beauty and grit it provided. He then moved to London, where he immersed himself in the UK skateboard scene, shooting and producing videos for local brands and labels. Later, he finished film school in Los Angeles, working under the mentorship of Adam Nimoy (son of Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock) honing his skills as a narrative director.

It is this upbringing that has defined his style, balancing raw energy, crafted visual aesthetics and creative storytelling that has remained with him since.

Alex’s true passion comes from creating world’s set apart from the everyday, a world where fiction and non -fiction collide. His work is often influenced by a love of previous eras, notably the 60’s and 70’s, where his love of automotive, fashion, music and style distinctly shine through.

His ‘How to Ride’ series, a personal project, garnered over 4 million organic hits virally, has been seen at festivals worldwide and was profiled in Italian creative magazine, C41.

Director Statement

This project was one that was unique to my heart. As a child growing up in Hong Kong, I too strived to find my own sense of freedom within the masses. So when I met Cheuk, despite our cultural, racial and language differences, we clicked right away. Her story captured the themes of how I saw the world and together, we crafted a piece that felt true to her. I saw myself as someone merely there to capture her story and visually represent her innermost thoughts. We spent 5 days shooting from sunrise to sunset, venturing through archaic estates, back alleys and cliff tops of Hong Kong to show a portrait of an athlete and a city seldom seen together. I hope you enjoy, Emergence.

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