Director Biography – Lian Morrison (BEHIND BANANA VACCUM)

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Lian Morrison is an award-winning filmmaker & graduate from the Prague Film School where she first learned to hone her skills in creative filmmaking. Today, she has her own successful filmmaking company, Tin Bird Productions based in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Lian loves giving audiences glimpses of the lives of others in her films. Her first documentary “Flight of the Fisherman” was shot in rural China and earned her an Audience Choice Award (smith Sound Film Festival), Emerging Filmmaker Award (The Nickel Independent Film Festival) as well as a nomination for “Best Short” (Canada China Film Festival). Her second documentary was an episode for CBC’s series “Canada’s a Drag” which will be aired in February 2019. Banana Vacuum is her third documentary set to be finished post production in late January 2019.

Director Statement

I had never really planned on doing a documentary about a band (especially a punk band at that) but when I saw Banana Vacuum live in concert I knew I had something unique and interesting in my hands. I was so keen on making this documentary that the day after the show I contacted the guitar player and within a week we were shooting the documentary.

I don’t want to say too much about the film itself because there is a surprise 4 minutes in but I think that it’s a fun look into a unique band that has taken audiences by storm since forming last year.

I’m really happy with the feel of this film and I hope audiences all over (punk fans or not) will enjoy the fun care-free spirit of this documentary.

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