Short Film: HAART KENYA, 13min., Kenya, Documentary

PWB Photographer Matilde Simas documents HAART Kenya, an organization dedicated to ending modern slavery (human trafficking) against women and children in Kenya and East Africa. Simas spent two weeks photographing their workshops, community, and grief-stricken survival stories. HAART Kenya CEO Radoslaw Malinowski, outlines the organization’s mandate to eradicate human trafficking not only in Kenya but for all of Eastern Africa. Lawyer Ignacio Lepro outlines the dark process of human trafficking. Sophie Otiende, the Program Consultant at HAART Kenya and liberator of over 300 trafficked women and young girls shares her unforgettable experiences and her pursuit of a better future for women across Kenya. Learn more about HAART Kenya:

Created by Danielle Da Silva

Directed by Danielle Da Silva

Photographed by Matilde Simas

Edited by David Coulson

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