Director BIO: Elliott Watson (PLEASURE BOYS)

Director Biography

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I have just graduated from The University of the West of England with A Ba(Hons) in Filmmaking. I am now pursuing a career in directing/producing Documentaries, focusing primarily on character led, insightful stories that aim to challenge popular opinion and alter perceptions.

Director Statement

Originally, this film aimed to investigate the high-octane life style of male strippers. I wanted to explore an industry that objectifies men in a world that far too often objectifies women. However, after meeting the individuals themselves, it was soon apparent that this was not quite the case. Instead, it became an attempt to break down superficial barriers of masculinity, and to reveal their true vulnerability.

This film challenges the idea of masculinity in the modern world.
I wanted to first present the audience with what they expect to see when they hear the term ‘male stripping’. After this, we are then able to dig deeper into their individual circumstances, attempting to understand their motives and sacrifices in an industry only concerned with matters skin deep. Though we indulge in their physical performances at first, it’s the second half of the film that stands as the true reveal.

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