Get to know the short film: MISSING PEACE, 17min., USA, Documentary/Drama

Short Film played at the November 2017 DOCUMENTARY Short Film Festival

Missingpeace poster

Missing Peace follows Chloe Jennings-White and Jeremy as they struggle with Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Chloe wishes to be paraplegic, and Jeremy wants to cut off his hands. Chloe is open and public with her disorder, but Jeremy strives to remain anonymous, fearful of what his family and friends would do if they knew about his wanting to be hands-free. Dr. Michael First is the leading expert on Body Integrity Identity Disorder, and through his experience and treatment of multiple subjects, has discovered that surgery is the only effective treatment. All three subjects discuss how BIID has affected their lives, and how people can live with a disorder where you want to make yourself more disabled than you actually are.

  • Jenna Gartlan
  • Michael Flax
  • Tricia McLeod
  • Chloe Jennings-White
    Key Cast
  • Dr. Michael First
    Key Cast
  • Parker Elgie

By documentaryfestival

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