Director BIO: Mike Johnson (OCEANIC ALIENS)

Short Film played at the November 2017 DOCUMENTARY Short Film Festival

Director Biography

D0d7cabb77 headshot

Mike Johnson is a Director of Photography specializing in adventure and outdoor video productions. He travels the world shooting and producing television shows, documentaries, and the occasional corporate video. Mike is also a passionate diver, working in his spare time as a PADI Divemaster. Follow Mike on Facebook @mikejohnsonvideopro and on Instagram @mikejohnsonvideo.

Director Statement

Oceanic Aliens is a short documentary compiled from two Pelagic Black Water dives I did in Kona, Hawaii. The dives were an amazing experience that is hardly portrayed through photos or video.

Upon returning home and reviewing the footage, I researched endlessly to identify many of the creatures featured in this doc. With few experts and even less public interest in zooplankton, reliable information was difficult to find.

To me its quite amazing how much funding and effort is placed into space exploration and research, and how little is put into discovering and protecting our very own oceans. Hopefully this short documentary will inspire some to do more – I know it does for me. Please enjoy the film and feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas for future projects!

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