DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM FESTIVAL – Wed. December 1st (Stream for FREE all Day)

Proud to showcase the winning DOCUMENTARY Feature Film for 2021.

AMERICA BOXED IN, 102 minutes, USA, Documentary
Directed by Casey G. Williams, Ian S. Williams

America Boxed In is a story that examines a world where globalization reigns supreme. It explores the consequences of the “heart of the global economy”—the freight container. By greatly lowering the cost of moving goods from anywhere, to anywhere, and the time it takes to do so, this mere metal box has delivered unprecedented prosperity, served as an agent of momentous political shifts, and forged a 21st century borderless age where insecurity prevails.

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Director Statement

Hitotsubashi University Professor and World Affairs Consultant, Ralph Pettman said this of AMERICA BOXED IN,
“How does world affairs work? What’s the engine under the lid? ‘America Boxed In’ is a gripping account of the heart of the whole machine, namely, the shipping container. This humble piece of modern technology has revolutionized international trade. It has also facilitated global criminal and terrorist activities, exacerbated the volatile divide between populists and globalists, and made possible the explosive ‘rise of China’. The latter is bringing with it radical changes in the balance of strategic power, not only in Asia but the world as well. This is big stuff and it’s going on right now. Want to be blown away? Want to understand what’s really happening? Spend 100 minutes in the highly capable hands of Lance Hoovestal, Montana’s own cowboy-corporate-academic. You can’t help but come away more engaged and much, much better informed. That I can guarantee.”

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