Deadline Today: LA Documentary Film Festival. Use 50% off FilmFreeway Discount Code

 Deadline Today: LA Documentary Film Festival

Use 50% off discount code: documentary50

Festival has created a hybrid festival with 4 tiers to enhance your film and your festival experience. All accepted films receive all four tier options:

Tier #1 – Your film plays at either a public live event where the festival will record the audience reactions of your short or feature and then send you the feedback video. Or, it plays at a private festival event where the audience will record their comments/reactions to your film on their camera or phone, then we edit them and send you a promotional video. No matter what you will receive a promotional video of your film of people commenting on your film.

Tier #2 (optional) – You film plays on the Film Festival Streaming Service for 30 hours and the festival invites a select industry audience to watch it. With this system, some films have already received a distribution deal as many platforms are looking for solid feature and short documentaries.  

Then (Tier #3) we will send you a list of questions to answer for our blog interview that will promote you and your film. Then after that (Tier #4) we will set up a podcast interview on our popular ITunes show where will we chat with you about the process of how the film was made.


Recent Testimonials:

LA Documentary Film Festival is an amazing organization that cares deeply about every film entry. I was my pleasure submitting to their festival! They are amazing.

Great attention and feedback for the film. I was happy to have my film included in the Festival.

Great festival, enjoyed the structure and effort to share our documentary to more viewers.

Very efficient, friendly, and professional. All-around great film festival!


By documentaryfestival

Submit your short DOC and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival

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