Short Film: THE SIGHT OF BLUE, 17min., Belgium

Directed by Pierre Bouquet
Notwithstanding his fear of water, as a child Olivier dreamt of becoming a veterinarian for whales. When he learns he might soon go blind, he starts practicing freediving to overcome his hydrophobia. Five years later, he flies to the Maldives to free-dive with Mantas rays.

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Director Biography – Pierre Bouquet

Pierre Bouquet is from Brittany, France. Having long flirted with theatre alongside his studies in environmental law, he decided to take his hobby to the next level by enrolling into the Institute of Broadcast Arts (Institut des Arts de Diffusion) to train in filmmaking. His main work, On Departure, is about a girl named Sophie who must make a choice when she discovers that her boyfriend wants to go to Syria for the jihad.

To the Deep Sea, his graduation film, is a documentary about the crew of a fishing trawler that examines loneliness, work, and life within reduced living quarters on the high seas.

As there were only two bunk beds on board, Pierre decided to learn how to shoot his own pictures by himself with only the help of a sound designer. He subsequently went on to become an independent film maker. On top of his work for corporate clients, he is currently juggling several documentaries and fiction projects revolving around topics as various as theatre, faith, and sports.

Director Statement

My father introduced me to spearfishing when I was just 10 years old. When I came across the freediving school Olivier is a member of, I trained with them and started filming simultaneously. As I interviewed many members of the school, I met Olivier and discovered his incredible story. The latter made such an impression on me that I set out to crowdfund the necessary funds to produce a film about it. I flew with him to the Maldives, and I stood aboard the boat as he swam alongside Manta rays.

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